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As an organisation with over 4,500 employees nationwide, we’re determined to support those who suffer from conditions like anxiety, depression and stress. Every year in the UK, it’s now estimated that 1 in 4 workers suffer from ill mental health.

So as part of our commitment to providing a safe and supportive working environment that gives people the best opportunities to develop, Emprise is proud to be one of nearly 500 UK businesses supporting the Time to Change campaign


We’ve worked closely with mental health experts at Time to Change to develop a bespoke action plan for our employees, ensuring that all those affected by issues like depression and stress can get the support they need, when they need it.

From organising one-day training and mental health awareness sessions, to providing new mechanisms for employees to speak up about their problems, we’re running a range of initiatives to change the way we think and act about mental health at Emprise.


Most people assume that slavery is a thing of the past, or that today it only exists overseas, but in fact, estimates put the number of people in modern slavery at 13,000 in the UK alone.

At Emprise we have zero tolerance of slavery and human trafficking in all its forms and are fully committed to protecting the rights of our employees and those within our supply chain.


We deliver on that commitment by setting robust recruitment processes, raising awareness of Modern Slavery amongst our employees, working closely with our suppliers and ensuring that every aspect of our operations is fully compliant with the latest national and international regulations.

Our full Modern Slavery policy is covered in our Ethical Trading Policy as well as our
Vendor Code of Conduct.


As one of the UK’s leading providers of cleaning and security services, we recognise that we use a lot of resources in our operations. Therefore, we believe that we have a duty to reduce wastage and carbon emissions wherever we can.

We are accredited to ISO 14001 environmental management system by ISOQAR and have implemented an environmental management system based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004.


But we recognise that accreditations are meaningless without backing them up with real changes to protect our environment.

So we’ve introduced new systems for our customers that ensure zero waste to landfill and now offer a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, helping to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals released into the environment every year.

For more information, see our feature on Chemical Free Cleaning or download our Sustainability Whitepaper.


At Emprise we’re proud to be a business with strong principles. PRIDE stands for Passion, Respect Integrity, Delivery, and Expertise – values that have underpinned our business since we were founded in 1986.

Every quarter, we host the PRIDE awards – a ceremony celebrating colleagues who demonstrate our values on a daily basis. It’s a great platform for us to show our appreciation and reward hardworking members of our team for their efforts.


We believe in building strong relationships and partnerships with people in our communities. As a national business, we engage in a whole range of activities, from charitable giving to corporate volunteering, coffee and cake mornings and the sponsorships of local sports teams and events.

Emprise is proud to support…


St Mungo’s Broadway helps people recover from the issues that create homelessness. Over the last few years Emprise has partnered with The British Library and St Mungo’s to offer two applicants supported by the charity a month-long trial in the cleaning team.

After the initial trial worked very well, together with the British Library, we have implemented a long-term contract with St Mungo’s. Every quarter one new candidate is provided with a three-month paid trial and given the opportunity to do further training with Emprise.


Originally from Italy, Jose moved to London in 2012, hoping to find work and a better quality of life.

However, unfortunately he fell on hard times and ended up homeless. It was at this point that he sought the help of St. Mungo’s, who gave him a room and offered him a number of training courses, one of which was a qualification with the BIC (British Institute of Cleaning).

After completing his cleaning qualification, Jose began a two-month paid placement with Emprise and the British Library, adding practical workplace experience to the theoretical knowledge gained on his BIC course. After impressing the management team on his placement, he was offered a full-time role with the company and has never looked back.

With a steely determination to succeed and strong people skills, Jose quickly established himself as a key part of the team and rose through the ranks. In 2015 he received the Chairman’s Award at the annual Emprise PRIDE ceremony and has recently been promoted to the role of Supervisor. Today he oversees a team of 23 cleaning operatives.


“When I first arrived in the UK I really struggled to find work, and ended up living on the streets. Thankfully, with the help of St. Mungo’s and with the opportunities I’ve had at Emprise, I’ve really been able to turn my life around.

“It’s been four years since I joined the company and in that time I’ve learnt so much. The training courses I’ve been on, the support I’ve received from my colleagues and the friends I’ve made have really helped me on my journey.

“I’m so proud to have won the Chairman’s Award and to be promoted to Supervisor is a really great feeling. Now I’m just really excited to see what the future holds for me here at Emprise.”


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