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Flashback: Atlas & Imerys scoop major workplace award

Atlas at PFM 3

Flashback: Atlas & Imerys scoop major workplace award

Atlas was delighted to win a PFM Partnership Award for Cleaning with partner Imerys just a few months ago. Photographed are host Claudia Winkleman alongside Atlas’ Maria Costa, Donna Constance and Ed Bolton.

The award was given to a contract built on excellent personal relationships and a true partnership culture. Imerys is a mineral mining company with a large base in southeast England. Atlas has held a contract with Imerys for 10 years and it has been typified by brilliant collaboration and teamwork between the two organisations. We work together at around 20 facilities in Cornwall.


There is a huge age range of cleaners and all are fantastic team players who are very much appreciated by the client team. The managers of the respective organisations are highly aligned and have a culturally strong relationship, typified by shared celebrations of achievements at social events in which Imerys include the Atlas team, which helps cleaning staff feel valued and recognised for the important work they do in keeping busy and unique facilities running smoothly.

The contract began because Imerys wanted to find suppliers that could provide a one-stop shop for services required across several sites. Reducing the number of contracts with suppliers to deliver a service enabled Imerys to have a lighter and more efficient supply base. Atlas was awarded a multi-site cleaning contract because we understood the importance of cost and efficiency improvements in the contract, and could deliver high levels of customer service satisfaction.

The judges told us that they were hugely impressed by the passion and personal dedication of both Atlas and Imerys colleagues, and that the long-term positive impact through the contract was obvious for all to see.