Innovation in Cleaning. Embracing Technology. Enhancing Performance.



As contract cleaners, at Emprise we have a competitive interest in improving performance, while reducing costs and working sustainably. Innovation plays a big part in delivering against all of these targets.

With the growth of the online world, it’s now much easier to discover the latest cleaning solutions. Our customers are increasingly savvy, so we work hard to ensure that our offering stays one step ahead of their expectations.

It’s about constantly bringing new ideas and solutions to the table that enhance our offering. But what do those ideas and solutions look like? What areas do we focus on when it comes to innovation?


Automated machines are driving change in the cleaning industry. All over the world, manufacturers and research organisations are developing new solutions to old problems.

Products like automated floor cleaners, scrubber-dryers and vacuum cleaners have even made their way into households, and the technology is improving all the time.

At Emprise our automated machines are able to map out routes and log them for the next clean. Some are even able to put themselves back on charge when they run low on battery.


When we talk about automation, often the assumption is that it means cutting back on staff and leaving it all to machines.

But whilst automation does enable us to streamline costs, we believe the best solution is always a combination of innovative technology and highly trained operatives on the ground.

There are still many aspects to cleaning that require a manned presence, so we work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke combination of trained personnel and advanced cleaning technology.


Innovation in cleaning is by no means limited to machinery on the front line. A host of new behind-the-scenes technologies are emerging too.

At Emprise we use smart devices to monitor all equipment onsite. This enables us to easily track electricity usage and location, and to identify any performance issues as quickly as possible.

Using our smart devices we can also set up a secure geo-fence, which means that operators are immediately notified when a machine is removed from its designated area.


We’ve also invested in our own tracking software, which we call Emprise iP. Compatible with smart phones and mobile devices, the system enables us to check off jobs as and when they’re completed.

As operatives complete individual tasks or perform routine checks, they can tag the area of the building on the system, ensuring that we work as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Have you ever seen those paper noticeboards in toilets? Well with Emprise iP they’re a thing of the past – our tracking system also enables us to reduce paper usage.


As well as improving performance and streamlining costs, innovation also has a big part to play when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment.

Whether it’s investing in water-saving technology, offering a range of chemical-free cleaning solutions or implementing a robust environmental management system, at EmpriseEmprise we will always provide the greenest possible cleaning solutions to our customers.


It used to be the case that chemical-free cleaning solutions were more expensive and less effective that their chemical equivalents, but today’s products are cost-neutral and can in fact offer a far superior performance.

Aqueous Ozone is our gold standard chemical-free cleaning solution. It can be produced onsite, using nothing but tap water and a specialist generator, yet cleans 7,000 times stronger than chlorine-based bleach.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Aqueous Ozone and our approach to chemical-free cleaning.


We use a highly effective mopping system, which features a range of microfiber heads specifically designed to cater for a range of floor types.

With this mopping system the water is always clean, in contrast to a traditional mop, which can effectively mean that floating dirt is spread around the floor.

Crucially, the technology means that 8 litres of water can clean the same area as 25 with a traditional mop. In fact, it’s been proven to reduce mopping water requirements by up to 80%.


These are just a few examples of innovations that are shaping the future of our industry. At Emprise we’re determined to continue driving change by responding to the latest cleaning technology.

By combining three decades of expertise with state-of-the-art solutions, we will continue to work more efficiently, more effectively, more hygienically and with more of a focus on safeguarding the environment.

It’s not just about responding to the times, it’s about actively pursuing the next big thing, so our customers can share in our competitive advantage.


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