Pure Gym


“Atlas provides Pure Gym with a very consistent service across our estate and has been working with us for over four years now and has really helped us in changing the perception of low cost gyms in the market place. People expected low cost gyms to be low quality with dirty and grubby facilities but Atlas prove that is not the case. Our members are extremely impressed by our standards especially from a cleanliness point of view and I can honestly say I have not had a major complaint relating to cleanliness. The Atlas staff are always willing to help out in other areas when needed and always provide an exceptional cleaning service which emphasises the importance of a solid partnership. I would highly recommend Atlas as a cleaning services provider.”

Jacques De Bruin, Chief Operating Officer

The National Theatre


“I have worked closely with Atlas since taking over management of the cleaning contract. They have proved they can manage a challenging site with skill and expertise. We have recently gone through a venue wide re-development with our NT Future project which has required a significant amount of flexibility on the part of Atlas. Their on-site team have risen to the challenge enabling us to provide a welcoming and clean venue.”

Duncan Watt, Head of Building Operations

The British Library


“Atlas provides The British Library with cleaning and waste management services at both their sites in Central London and in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. For over ten years they have provided a high quality, cost effective service. Atlas continues to be highly innovative and provide the library with some cost effective cleaning solutions that also improve efficiency. Both Atlas and the British Library are committed to sustainable practice and this is demonstrated by their recent PFM award for partners in sustainability. The library has worked successfully with Atlas for a number of years and looks forward to our continuing relationship.”

Ian Goadsby, Facilities Manager

The Grove

“Atlas Hotel Services have been providing us with a comprehensive night cleaning team for the best part of five years now and this team fully understand the massive variety of cleaning needs we have here at The Grove. This team make it their mission to ensure we have a spotless building at the start of each working day. They are committed to the task at hand and instil in me a confidence all cleaning specifications will be met on a night by night basis; they do a great job!”

Amelia Lawrence, Executive House Keeper

Café Royal

“I’ve been working with Atlas cleaning for nearly two years. They provide competent staff who are an asset to the company and are most important to the client to maintain high standards of cleaning. The management support is readily available for staff training, inspection and for day to day operational needs. Any requests are met with efficiency to satisfy high demands by the client in the ever growing, competitive hospitality industry.”

Samitha JayaKody, Back of House Manager

The Beaumont

“Atlas Cleaning is very professional and reliable. Whenever we need to make any last-minute changes they are always flexible and responsive.”

Ella Betlej, Executive Housekeeper


“We have been using Atlas Hotel Services since 2014, the quality of work is first class, combined with trust and great people. Our guests have commented on the standards of cleanliness in our hotel.”

Shahnawaz Khan, Director of Housekeeping & Heart of House

The Ned

“Atlas Hotel Services is providing back of house cleaning services to The Ned since its grand opening in 2017, to the satisfaction of the hotel management and the guests of this prestigious hotel.”

Trevor Olsen, Director of Operations