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British Library

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The Challenge.

Atlas began working with The British Library following a competitive tender in 2003. The contract was to supply a daily cleaning service, including window and exterior cleaning, waste management, feminine hygiene, specialist cleaning and the provision of daytime janitors.

The Library was keen to find ways to improve their social value, including their environmental performance. They were looking to improve the management of waste, aiming for 70% recycling by 2010, from a contract start of only 21%. This was to be achieved without costing more or negatively impacting on their core service capability.

The Solution.

As you’d expect from a people-driven business, our initial aim was to build-up a strong partnership between the existing Library staff and the cleaning team. As these relationships developed, we started to introduce a range of initiatives that would build accountability and quality, including output based cleaning specifications and a new electronic auditing system.

Recognising the importance of supporting the Library in delivering their environmental ambition we also overhauled the approach to cleaning and waste, introducing pulse mops, chemical-free cleaning and other energy efficient equipment and completely eliminating waste to landfill.

It is always nice when our clients give positive feedback and we cherish this from Patrick Dixon, Head of Estates and Facilities at The British Library.

“The Atlas team have worked with dedication to provide the services needed to keep our buildings clean and sites safe; and we literally couldn’t have kept our buildings open to key security and maintenance staff without you”.

We continue to work alongside The British Library, actively seeking more ways to reduce our environmental impact and delivering happiness to their staff and visitors.

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