Project Griffin. Countering the terror threat.



The objectives of Project Griffin are as follows:

  To help understand the threat from terrorism to the UK

  To guide individuals on what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident or an event that leads up to a planned attack

  To enable people to recognise and report suspicious activity


The initiative begins with a one-day seminar to equip security officers with the knowledge they need to protect businesses and communities from the terror threat.

Individual modules include current threat levels, crime scene preservation, reconnaissance, explosives, bomb threat procedures, social media, cordon management, crime reduction strategy and legal matters.

Those who successfully complete the course are presented with a certificate outlining the modules they have passed.


A periodic newsletter is sent to all key stakeholders to share relevant counter terrorism and crime information.

This constant flow of information gives our security officers the knowledge and understanding they need to fully support law enforcement in preventing and detecting terrorist activity and crime.

This regular sharing of data, intelligence and expertise is a central pillar of the Project Griffin initiative.


All Project Griffin trained personnel may be called upon for emergency deployment to staff cordons in the event of an incident in the local area.

This means that in times of crisis, businesses will receive the support of the entire Project Griffin community, as well as the security officers they have working on the premises.

This close collaboration and communication between accredited personnel enables officers on the ground to respond as quickly as possible.


At Atlas we’re proud to be one of the few contract security providers accredited to deliver the Project Griffin initiative.

As industry-leaders, we believe it’s our responsibility to guide our clients and our staff on what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident and to help people to recognise and report suspicious activity.

Our working relationship with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) keeps us fully abreast of the latest intelligence and prevention methods, ultimately ensuring optimum protection for our customers.


By working with Atlas, businesses can have unrivalled access to one of the UK’s official counter terrorism initiatives.

But what are the benefits of working with an organisation closely linked to Project Griffin?


All of our security personnel are trained to follow the Project Griffin guidelines and receive appropriate modular training for their positions.

The program is extremely responsive, with new modules and elements introduced on a regular basis in response to the changing nature of terrorism.

By working with us, you can ensure that your security team is fully trained to prevent and detect terrorist activity and crime in all its forms.


As we’ve touched on previously, communication and collaboration are at the heart of Project Griffin – but sharing information doesn’t just happen.

We’re committed to investing the very latest communication technology to enable our officers to respond as quickly as possible to potential threats.

In combination, our network of accredited personnel and our innovative approach forms a holistic infrastructure that guards against the threat of terror.


This is perhaps the most important element of Project Griffin. When you work with a partner like us, you don’t just get eyes and ears on the ground.

You get the support of every Project Griffin trained security officer local to your premises, backed by the resources of the UK-wide NaCTSO security network.

This is crucial, as it’s only by working together that we can hope to deter, detect and counter the threats that terrorism poses to the modern world.

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